April 22, 2015

Guest post: Top 10 ways to learn Mandarin Chinese (as recommended by 50 top bloggers)

A few weeks ago, learnmandarinnow.com reached out to me asking me about the top three resources I would recommend for learning Mandarin. They put in quite a bit of work and asked more than 50 other bloggers the same thing and their small research is now finished. You can check out the results of the survey in this guest post. For more details feel free to follow the links in the article.


Guest post: Top 10 ways to learn Mandarin Chinese (as recommended by 50 top bloggers)

Whenever you start learning a new language, finding out the best way to begin to study is key; learning to speak Mandarin Chinese is no exception. In order to help you decide, via our blog, http://www.learnmandarinnow.com, a few weeks ago, we made requests to 50+ bloggers and asked them about the top resources they prefer to use to learn Chinese. We were delighted to receive so many recommendations and worked on creating an attractive, colorful Infographic summarizing the results—we are so pleased to be able to share this with you now.

Before we go further, however, we would like to thank Vladimir for his recommendations and for letting us share the Infographic with you. As well as checking out Vladimir’s thoughts about language learning, you can also get some other great tips and advice from an article we have prepared: Top resources to learn Chinese: recommended by 50+ bloggers

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