November 20, 2010

Language learning resources

Chinese (Cantonese):
Voice of America Cantonese service podcast. Two hour daily news service.:

A nice podcast to learn Cantonese:

Chinese (Mandarin):
NHK Japan Mandarin News service podcast, updated several times per day. Very professional: podcast:

Radio Taiwan international. News podcast, uptated 2-3 times a week:

Australian SBS radio Mandarin service podcast:

United nations radio Mandarin Chinese news podcast.:

Voice of America Chinese service podcast. Two hour daily news service.:

Thesaurus linguae sericae
A huge on-line archive of Classical Chinese texts, Classical Chinese text analyses, translations, Classical Chinese dictionary, thesaurus ect.

Chinese text project
Another huge database of Classical Chinese texts with a possibility to search in multiple Chinese dictionaries (說文解字, 康熙字典, 爾雅, 廣韻 ect.)

Chinese etymology
Oracle bone script, Bronze inscriptions, Seal script database.

Czech national radio podcast:


Podcast link:

Dutch news podcast. Daily news in Dutch.:
Radio l'Europe 1 News podcast, updated daily:

Very nice interviews on a vast variety of topics. Radio l'Europe podcast:

News in Persian from NHK Japan, updated several times per day. NHK Japan Persian news service podcast:

Australian SBS radio Persian service podcast:

BBC Persian, one hour long newscast updated daily:


ZDF news podcast, updated daily:

WDR podcast. Interviews usually concerning German, European and World politics:

WDR podcast. A wonderful podcast about popular science:

WDR podcast. Round table political talk shows:

Hungarian political talk show podcast, updated daily:

SBS radio Australia Hungarian podcast, updated weekly:

Hungarian digital library
A large collection of free audiobooks.

Podcast of La Repubblica, updated daily. Very good debates on a variety of topics:

Il Sole 24 ore podcast. As much as I loved La Repubblica, this podcast beats it in terms or organization and quality. It is updated several times a day with shows that are up to 90 minutes long. Spoken word only, interviews on a large variety of topics - all in all a great podcast:

Very good political debates. Polish Radio 3 podcast:

News in Portuguese, updated daily. NHK Japan Portuguese news service podcast:

SBS radio Australia Romanian podcast, updated weekly:


Russian news podcast, updated daily: 

Podcast of Радио Эхо Москвы:

Slovak national radio:

Podcast (unfortunately discontinued for the moment):

News in Spanish, updated daily. NHK Japan Spanish service podcast:

News in Spanish from the United nations. UN radio Spanish service podcast:

For those who do not know what a podcast is or how to subscribe to them, here's a short video introduction.

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