November 24, 2018

Frequently asked questions

Hello everyone,

by surpassing 35 000 subscribers on Youtube, I thought it would be finally time to make a few long overdue videos which I really hope to do soon, but in the meantime, I decided to give my podcast a little restart as well. I made a podcast recording answering some of the questions asked in the comments recently:

How to maintain several languages.
How to regain motivation after losing fluency in languages once spoken at a B2/C1 level.
Resources you recommend for learning Mandarin from scratch.
What happened to your podcast with 天一?
How old were you when you started learning Chinese?
Is it important to study grammar?
Learning two languages at the same time?

Many thanks to my friend (can't say his name:)) for making the sound in the recording sound professional.


  1. You are always comes with brand new blogs with high quality knowledge. Usually I read your every blog because it gives me extra knowledge. As you discussed here learning a new language is a challenge for every beginner and that is so true. I was also learning French and I have already worked on all the questions for my preparation that you have shared here. Thanks!!!

  2. Hey Vlad,how is it going?I just wanted to know your opinion about listening skill in learning languages..So the question is:How much is listening important in learning languages?I’d like to know your ideas about Krashen’s theory on language acquisition as well..Have a good week

    1. Hi Alessandro,

      I think mass listening is one of the most important things a student can do. I made a video called 'intensive listening' (or something like that) on my youtube channel, I talked about it more in detail. Check it out if you like.

      I don't know too much about Krashen's theory to be honest.