June 20, 2015

19 languages 15 minutes

Hello, everyone, 

I went to an event this May called the Polyglot Gathering Berlin 2015 and, in order to prepare for it, I practiced almost all the languages Ive studied in my life. After the conference was over, I realized that I would probably never speak all these languages this well at the same time again and wanted to make a video to remember it.

Obviously, I did prepare for this video in the sense that I didn't just sit down in front of the camera and started speaking. I had a script in my mind for most of the languages and, as I say many times throughout the video, with the languages I don't speak that well, I asked for my friends' help.

In the video I speak: English, Slovak, Hungarian, Czech, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Serbian, Farsi, Portuguese, Polish, Romanian, Dutch, Taiwanese, Japanese and Cantonese. 

Feel free to leave comments with your opinions or corrections. Any input is well appreciated.


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  1. Hi, it's me Simon. I'm really sorry I couldn't come to the polyglot gathering in Berlin, but I was a little short on cash. I believe it's not the end of the world, so maybe someday we'll meet in person and just maybe I'll be able to talk to you in more languages than right now.

    Moc ti děkuju za to video, protože to jsem opravdu nečekal. Velice inspirativní. GJ.

  2. Dik moc Simone. Doufam, ze se mas dobre. Mej se hezky.

  3. Wow! Você tem um nível muito bem de Português. Parabéns!

  4. Hi Vlad! HVG.hu (online platform of hungarian weekly newspaper) found your video. :)


    Pravidelne čítamTvoj blog, ja už som videl tvoje videa.

    Sorry for my slovak I can speak polish and I started to learn a bit slovak this year.

    Chciałem ci tylko dać znać żebyś wiedział, już jesteś znany na Węgrzech też.

    All the best and keep up the good work!

    üdv, Zoli Magyarországról

  5. Thank you very much for letting me know:)

    Good luck with your studies.

  6. Köszi szépen! Látom beindult a komment áradat a videód alatt, eddig sem volt kevés. :)

  7. :) Igen, tobb komment van most.

  8. Kedves Vladimir! Mindig szeretet és csodálat tölt el ,amikor egy olyan emberrel találkozom ,aki szeret és tud sok nyelven beszélni,én is beszélek vagy négy nyelvet, amit csak úgy egyszerűen megtanultam,nem sok de nem is kevés ahhoz képest, akik csak egy nyelvet ,az anya nyelvét sem beszéli jól....Ha te, mind szlovák, beszéled a magyar nyelvet, ami az én anyanyelvem is,az tiszteletre méltó,ha pedig magyar óvodába jártál, akkor nem csodálkozom ,hogy megtanultad,hiszen a magyar nyelv a világon a 4-ik legnehezebb,legkomplikáltabb nyelv ,remélem tudod ezt! Azt is szokták mondani:aki a magyar nyelvet beszéli ,vagy megtanulja azután minden nyelvet hamar megtanul! ez így igaz! Köszönöm! Tisztelettel Ilona Baba

  9. Kedves Ilona, nagyon szepen kosszonom a kommentet. A Magyar igazan nem egyszeru. Orulok hogy megtanultam amikor kicsi voltam. Minden jot :)

  10. Вау! Смотрела твое видео на 19 языках открыв рот от удивления! Ты молодец! Очень приятно, что ты говоришь на русском. И причем просто отлично!) У тебя вероятно отличная память и ты быстро все схватываешь! У меня же много времени уходит на изучение и запоминание. Расскажи как-нибудь, пожалуйста, как справиться с этой проблемой. И как перебороть себя и не стесняться при разговоре с носителями языка! Спасибо! Пока-пока)

  11. Привет и большое спасибо:) Не надо стесняться при разговоре с носителями языка.. Я знаю, что это за частую не легко, но надо попросту начать и продолжать говорить:) Во время разговора, попробуй говорить только ты сама без перерыва одну минуту, в следующий раз две, итд. Раньше моим студентам это очень помогло. Что касается изучения и запоминания, я очень часто используюсь мнемониками. Удачи желаю:)

  12. I want myself to be grow up like you.
    You are so talented. I love learning language. But the most difficult things that I facing when learned language is Can't Speak Like A Native Speaker of each languages. It cause myself not be confident enough, and affraid of making a lot of mistakes in pronounciation.
    I need your advice what should I do?? cause I believe you ever faced the problems like me before. Thanks.

  13. Hello and thank you for the nice comment. I think speaking 100% like a native speaker is impossible, but you can get very close. You have to be aware of your mistakes, but not too much, because it will completely stop you from achieving any progress. If you think about your mistakes too much, in the end, all you will do is think about your mistakes. You will only think about how not to make them and not about what to say, how to say it, correct grammar, correct vocabulary etc. At the same time, you have to be aware of your mistakes, because you will speak incorrectly forever.

  14. Vladimir.
    Okay, I'll give it a try, Thanks.
    Btw, I hv some questions.
    - How long it takes, you were learning all those languages?
    - what major you take in college/university?
    - which one you put more focus, language or school?
    - have you ever get some offers, by your talent in polyglot?
    - Are you still studying/studying new language now? If yes, please mention the language you learn now.

    That's my few questions for you. I am so sorry and apologize if my questions are not comfort you. I only want myself to be grow up and as talented as yourself.
    thank u so much

  15. Hello and thank you for your questions.

    - I was learning languages my entire life. I grew up bilingual and continued learning as I got older.
    - I have a Master's in international relations and a Bachelor's in Chinese studies.
    - language
    - I don't understand what you mean by 'offers'.
    - I'm not studying any languages now only working on the ones I know.

    Good luck with your studies:)

  16. Hey Vlad. Nice blog. I hope I can learn with you.
    You are incredibly amazing, Cute, Handsome and sexy.

    I just want to say, I learn Slovak, Czech, Norwegian, and Swedish. and those language is almost sound-alikes and look-alikes. so everytime I want to learn and try to speak it, I confuse myself with those languages.
    How could you possibly memorize all those languages ? are you learn more than languages at the same time ?

  17. Hello and thank you.

    I made a video about learning 2 languages at the same time. You can check it out if you like: https://youtu.be/HdiLVioVoB8

  18. I'd love to practice on your Romanian if you want. From one fellow polyglot to another :)

  19. @AkikoDNA

    Thank you for the nice offer Akiko, but I'm not learning or practicing Romanian at the moment. I will remember for the future:) Thank you again.